Future scientific exploration (EuroVenus episode #6)
In April 2016, an International Venus Science onference was held in Merton College, Oxford, U.K. - this brought together almost 150 scientists from around the world.

The conference provided a good opportunity to present the late... Read More
Venus Transit (Eurovenus episode #5)
On the 6 June 2012, Venus passed directly in front of the Sun (as viewed from Earth). This transit of Venus is a very rare event, occurring roughly twice per century. The transit of Venus is of historical importance - because the ... Read More
Venus Express Legacy talks - now online!
At the International Venus Conference, held in Oxford 4-8 April 2016, there was a special session devoted to the scientific legacy of Venus Express datasets.

Each of the VEx instrument Principal Investigators delivered a talk ou... Read More
All geological features on Venus are named after female deities, except three: Alpha and Beta Regiones – meaning Regions A and B – and Maxwell Montes, named after famous (male) Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell.