Journey to Venus 360 degree VR film
This immersive 360-degree video lets you join in a planetary observing trip using some of the world's best telescopes in Hawaii.

To view on a regular screen, you can click and drag in the video frame to look in any direction. (Ma... Read More
Final meeting of the EuroVenus consortium!
The EuroVenus project held today its final project meeting. Its funding from the European Commission ran from 1 Oct 2013 until 30 Sep 2016 - today's meeting, in Lisbon, was to close the activity, and to confirm that all promised o... Read More
EuroVenus - full documentary released
From 2013 - 2016, the EuroVenus consortium united dozens of researchers from across Europe in research of the planet Venus, using observations from the Venus Express satellite, but also from a range of telescopes around the world.... Read More
All geological features on Venus are named after female deities, except three: Alpha and Beta Regiones – meaning Regions A and B – and Maxwell Montes, named after famous (male) Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell.